Full Disclosure

You may be noticing a very odd manifestation evidencing that Heaven is Here and that is the amazing amount of unsavory secrets coming out. Why now? And why with such venom? How is it that venomous behaviour could resonate with Heaven?

It’s very simple, the light is turning on. We are in the in between space of dawn and we all know it somewhere within our being. None of us is immune to the powerful light of consciousness beaming our way and about to rise in full clarity and so we prepare in the ways that we know. The deceptive games of Captains and Kings of industry, banking, politics, military, or public institutions flourished in the dark where secret deals and alliances could create a powerful stranglehold on wealth and energy. I am talking not about energy like gas, oil or nuclear here but about that sacred sovereign energy of a human life; the right to good work, abundant nourishment, joy in community, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. This is the most painful theft and it has happened throughout our known history in blatant forms and in not so obvious ways. I am not here to ponder the misery many have been subjected to in countless centuries and cultures. So know the point is made and let’s move on to see how Heaven manifests in the dark.

The light comes on and there is a mad flurry to save the old power structure; to maintain controls as they were but it’s too late. We are watching it all in action. It seems everyday a politician is outed for graft or personal indiscretions, another government policy hotly debated for its worthiness. The divisions of points of view radically shifted to opposite sides and opinions locked in step within one dimensional talking points. This is all part of disclosure. It is time to see very clearly where we have been, what sort of reality we have built for ourselves. The light is on and that light is the internet, the media, twitter and cell phones, you-tube and the blogosphere. This is where secrets slide into view and where the real incentives for behaviors begin to show. The transparent media is a manifest form of the light of consciousness that we are being gifted with right now.

I am not here to hash out conspiracy theories or report new stories but simply to point out this growing phenomenon of uncertainty and collapse within the structures we thought we knew. Perhaps the clearest and most apparent so far was the global banking failure. Here is a construct developed over centuries and fully dependent on trust, without trust the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. The banking system is probably still not done with its reorganization. We have seen how radically out of balance with sustainable business practice modern banking became, and though we’ve been through a collapse the practices that caused that are not checked yet. The good news is that more Light is coming and with that comes growth and flourishing. New systems of sharing energy will appear, they are probably already set up and ready to fall into service the minute the behemoths that suck our attention get out of the way.

Full disclosure means not only do we see what is ugly and not wanted; that which we need to clear out and throw out but it means we find deep in our closets that which is treasured and refound. The most important things that we can find are our own balance and equanimity. It is time to see that our relationships with our community are rich and fulfilling in ways that a price cannot be estimated. The monetizing of everything from our moments to our handiwork to our piece of land even the parts of our body and our health will loosen its stranglehold and we can find ourselves breathing free air again. Keep your eyes open for those new systems of support that will come forth. Do what ever you can to support them.

It’s all in the VIBES!

You may have noticed that I have been speaking of Heaven as a state of being and you may also have noticed that I am emphasizing that it’s all about the attitude. Well, at this point I want to revise that ‘attitude’ and bring the calling to a higher frequency. When thinking of attitude changes we are looking at choice and judgment. For example if you see the glass half empty rather than half full there seems to be a choice there. There also seems to be an attitude of comparing, judging and of worthiness. Let’s just skip all that and jump straight to the mark. It’s about the energy.

When your energy frequencies are up you naturally see things with a brighter view, you see the wonder in the world. Simple things become awe inspiring like the fact that an apple or a banana is a perfect food packet miraculously designed in size, wrapping and deliciousness to satisfy your nourishment. Focusing on management of your energy is much simpler than wrangling with attitudes and emotions. When we slip into those low energy, self-destructive places basically the not-heaven states where everything looks bleak there are ways out but it can be very very hard. It is especially hard by our selves that’s why we have help. But help only comes when you ask for it, when you are ready. Then the infrastructure of the ages appears in front of you or, “The teacher appears”. What I mean by infrastructure is all those paths created and maintained to lift your energy frequencies and lighten and brighten your outlook in this blessed life which is in Heaven.

Let’s look at the paths, I am not referring to religions but maybe to the practices offered through religions and spiritualities. Personally if I feel down I can count on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali singing to lift my heart. It is instant and palpable. This is what chanting does. It circumvents the mind from its groove of downerness and elegantly slides in a new program that lifts the heart to wrap the mind within its natural joyfulness. Whirling does this, meditation does this, perhaps your art or your atheletics do this too. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you hold your state as sacred and that you diligently restore it whenever it begins to slide into the mundane and even below that. This is an extraordinary magical place of miracles and joy, it is Heaven and it is our birthright to know that. Not just know it with our head but to Know it with our being.

This is my personal mandate, to Know my most pure and highest self and I am so blessed to be gifted with understanding that shows the way. Last night I again met Robert Young at the META Center here in New York City. While Robert talked it was interesting and very important and yet what was really going on was a simple, profound transmission of energy. Robert explained how we can all change the energy and lift it up. He demonstrated lifting the energy in the room and depressing it.  He worked with each of us as individuals in the room and also with us as a group. There was none of the usual visualization exercises, chanting, meditation, invocations or other remarkable tools for shifting states but just simply a focus on awareness and intent which produces result. What it felt like to me was periods of  intense heat, so hot that my chair felt heated. It also felt like a buzzing in my heart, not palpitations or fluttering but a warm humming that felt good. There was a profound stillness that became apparent, a stillness that I have met before only in very deep meditation but here it was enveloping everything, supporting everything, nourishing everything. To me this is the stillness of the causal realm, the place from which all things come. It is the divine womb of creation which pours out anything and all things and yet remains un-depleted. In fact this place is so full that not only does it hold anything that is, was or ever will be but it holds all that will never be. In modern sports parlance it is the, ‘zone’.

Robert explained that we are consciosness and that our consciousness is not trapped inside our physical form; it flows around us and is in fact eternal. He demonstrated the energetic frequencies of our consciousness and how we can very simply lift them up. He emphasized the importance of lifting not only our frequencies but also the frequencies of others that we encounter. We can do this quite simply with a smile. If permission is granted we can welcome someone else’s frequencies to match ours and take them on a delicious ride of appreciation.

Robert reminded us that this energy of consciousness which flows within and without us is that which forms our world, I called it the causal realm earlier and that is it. My father always used to say, “You can’t get something from nothing”. Well, I have to say I disagree in a big way, everything comes from nothing. The universe comes from nothing, our bodies come from nothing. Our consciousness is what attracts the somethings of our lives and we are moving into a reality where that process will seem more and more miraculous. But think wouldn’t your cell phone look miraculous to your great-great grandmother.


I want you to notice that we live in an extraordinary mystical time; knowing comes forward in ever more magical ways intended to gently point us in the direction of truth. Take the unusual song, “Fireflies” by Adam Young of Owl City for example. The first time I heard that song I knew with my heart that it is replete with mystical lessons. It seems to be encoded in such a way that the mystical truth is imparted directly into the primordial knowing core of our essential spiritual memory. I hope that makes sense.

“Fireflies” is a delightfully compelling journey into the world of energy and light, often referred to as the spirit world. Somehow the song pricks your ears and hints at magical realms and experiences that we know in our hearts but have forgotten and long to feel again. I applaud song writer Adam Young for offering this shining marker on the road.

Who knows what Adam had in mind with his lyrics but I would like to take a stab at the esoteric bounty poured into and through this song:

The first line: “You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep.” launches  us into the world of angels and fairies. Let’s clarify the nature of these beings – light, consciousness and energy. They are beings, conscious frequencies that vibrate faster than we do in our dense state of matter and yet we and the whole earth are quickly moving toward the frequencies of the fairies and the angels. Throughout time many people have been aware of these mysterious ones. Children, saints, those near to death or in crisis may know them intimately. Today, though, more and more of us interact with greater conscious awareness with these elemental beings that direct conscious energies from Source into this physical realm.

The best time to access these beings is in the windows of the world through those portals in time and space like between day and night at dusk and dawn. Or we can meet them in doorways and intersections that enter or exit spaces or states; such as where the path enters the forest or where the mind enters or exits a dream. Most remarkable for us right now is that we are in a vast portal which is known as ‘the shift of the ages’ or ‘the end times’. This is a doorway into a new reality where we can create a “reality” that we establish for eons to come. I put reality in quotes because there really is no such thing as reality. However, this predicted time is our opportunity to choose a light path or not for our future; free will rules. The angels and fairies willingly show us the way if we choose to see them.

Adam’s song goes on to say about the fireflies: ” ‘Cause they’d fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere”. He speaks to palpable blessings that come with some  interactions with the blessed light beings. It is a phenomenon I have recently heard referred to as the dry rain and is one of the first gifts acquired on a spiritual opening. I remember within the first month when I began meditating I was sitting one day and suddenly if felt as though a light, delicious spring rain was showering through the top of my head. This rain is known in Vedic teachings as rasa, the nectar of meditation.  Adam goes on to say that he just stands and stares which is natural when awe overwhelms us. What comes with this moment of seeing the light of consciousness is the instant awareness that consciousness is throughout all things; it is oneness, blessings and joy. Which takes us into his next verse.

Here is a particularly mystical moment wrapped around concepts relating to time and space, “I’d like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly”. This to me is one line containing a universe of wisdom unfathomable to the mind but easy access to the heart. It feels like a gentle invitation to believe and fall in step with the natural cycles. Continuing the verse the question of whether to stay awake or asleep comes up “cause everything is never as it seems”. Without truly understanding this verse we are nevertheless introduced to the mystical nature of our universe and the peculiar confusion of our true state. Are we awake or asleep? What is the nature of time and space? But somehow this simple invitation awakens the heart to align with the mystery.

Then once we are aligned amazing gifts come toward us; “a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs” and the opportunity to learn how to dance with the universe. The possibilities are boundless and brilliant.  The final concept that comes up is to “Leave my door open just a crack” a wise thought to hold on to when mystery begins to disappear in the calculating light of the reasonable mind.

Ocean Eyes, Owl CityWhat’s even better about this Owl City hit is that the music of this very special song beautifully lifts the concepts therein and launches them into the air of popular hits making these esoteric ideas available to all. A few weeks ago I went to a fundraiser with a Karaoke competition. The first song was this one sung by two lovely 10 year old girls who sang it flawlessly without any words on the screen. They were deeply connected to the song and rendered it with full hearts; all of us were inspired.

If you have not heard the song I really recommend it, the tune is delightful. Click: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fireflies/id322447609?i=322447713&ign-mpt=uo%3D2