Bruce Lipton on Enlightenment

Bruce Lipton on Enlightenment

I have to post this amazing interview between Jim Self and Bruce Lipton on Awakening Zone. Bruce Lipton explains how he came to the conclusion as a scientist that there is more than just the physical form and that we have another field of influence. He goes on to lay out the ascended thinking that moves from Newtonian physics to Quantum physics and demonstrates that we do create our reality and are not victims in this game of life.

I loved his explanation of how matter is made by elements that are off balance and thus make relationships with other elements that then become the stuff of our reality in order to find a sense of harmony. Then there are the noble gasses that are perfectly balanced and really don’t need to make relationships in order to feel whole but they do make relationships. They make them out of love and when they do this their excitement produces lazar light; enlightenment.  

Bruce actually said, “Heaven is here”. Please listen.


Beyond Tolerance

Well this post has been boiling for a while. 

I heard about an Iranian prisoner who was forced to dress like a Kurdish woman as an insult. Kurdish women protested and the next thing that happened was a spontaneous Facebook protest of many men dressing as Kurdish women in support of the women and the prisoner. Click here to read about it.

Finally today I see a Reddit post about a Sikh woman whose image was posted as a joke and  her brilliant response to the insult. Plus the apology of the one who posted the insult. See it here:

Clearly we are moving through a time of maturation and growing to understand each other a bit better. I thank the connectedness of the web for that. Keep it up everyone after all this is Heaven. Muriel GrabéPosted on Categories heaven is hereTags , , , , Leave a comment on Beyond Tolerance

E Pluribus Crystal Flag

I decided to make a fun sparkly and colorful flag just to please my inner child. I have a tendency to get altogether too serious about everything and it was time to inject some fun into the process.

This flag is a departure from my project to honor diverse cultures but I’m happy to just celebrate the flag too on occasion.