Gabriel Born Book Signing Next Week

In Muriel Stockdale’s debut novel, Gabriel Born, science and the mystical merge in this fast paced and entertaining story. Our heroine, Sheila, embarks on a mission to save her life with science and ends up transformed by the unusual child she creates.

Sheila, a cold and calculating scientist discovers empathy and love. This sends her in a direction conflicting with the scientific reality she once knew and relied on. Gabriel, her miraculous son, is a gift she must protect. She and no one else can contain Gabriel. Encounters with her magical child become awe-inspiring events that uplift characters and readers alike.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Muriel Stockdale’s successful 35-year career in entertainment as a designer, director, filmmaker, teacher and artist honed her ability and desire to tell stories. She has spent her life devouring material about the inner, sacred, unknown nature of man through sacred texts and scientific studies. Although she loves science fiction she is disappointed in the lack of awakened or enlightened consciousness expressed in the genre, this book is an effort to explore that idea. In 2003 she created the support group The Institute of Spiritual Entertainment dedicated to helping artists share enlightened ideas. A graduate of the University of Vermont and New York University, Muriel is also an artist currently completing a study of diverse USA flags entitled – E Pluribus. They can be seen at

To find out more about Muriel please visit:

Contact: Muriel Stockdale O: 212 475-1875 M: 646 522-3819

New Milford Library

January 3,
6:30 – 9:30 PM

23 Main Street, CT 06776

(860) 355-1191

“It’s a thrilling and vertiginous ride.”
– Paul Shavelson, Executive Producer of Crossing Over with John Edward

“Muriel Stockdale’s debut novel Gabriel Born is a riveting and emotional story, complex and modern set in the world of genetics and the laws that define them. Sheila Jensen is a fully drawn, richly realized character who navigates the twists and turns, disappointments, challenges and failures with a sense of purpose and ultimately hope.”
– Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of All the Stars in the Heavens

Two Chances to see E Pluribus Flags

E Pluribus presented at The Sherman Library
– What does our U.S. motto mean today?


Sherman Public Library
1 Sherman Center
Sherman, CT 06784
(860) 354-2455

February 2 – March 2, 2017

Open Hours:
Tues. Wed. and Fri. 11 – 6
Thurs. 11 – 7
Sat. 10 – 4

Opening Reception:
Friday evening
February 16, 6 – 9

Please come in any traditional dress to celebrate diversity if you like.

Also if you can’t make it to the charming town of Sherman, CT. 16 E Pluribus flags will be on display at 315 Hudson Street, NYC. beginning mid January, dates to be determined. I will keep you informed.

Muriel Stockdale’s E PLURIBUS flags are on exhibit for the month of February at the Sherman Library. Muriel’s surprising series of art flags that celebrate the diverse cultures of the United States are skillfully crafted from multiple materials including fabric, wood, beads, paper, raffia, cork, shells and more.

Since 2003 Muriel has created United States flags to honor the people that make up our diverse U.S. society. Her collection includes U.S. flags celebrating English, Greek, Native, Chinese, Congolese and over 50 diverse cultures. They are made from paper, wood, grass, leaves, beads, cork and fabric. Each is skillfully handcrafted and may be embroidered, crocheted, stitched, glued, nailed or knitted together. Each element of her flags is carefully considered to best express the enriching gifts of the culture they represent. In these divisive times Muriel is determined to celebrate harmony, unity and the respect for diversity our country was founded upon. All are invited.

To see more of Muriel Stockdale’s E Pluribus series of U.S. flags please visit:,