It’s all in the VIBES!

You may have noticed that I have been speaking of Heaven as a state of being and you may also have noticed that I am emphasizing that it’s all about the attitude. Well, at this point I want to revise that ‘attitude’ and bring the calling to a higher frequency. When thinking of attitude changes we are looking at choice and judgment. For example if you see the glass half empty rather than half full there seems to be a choice there. There also seems to be an attitude of comparing, judging and of worthiness. Let’s just skip all that and jump straight to the mark. It’s about the energy.

When your energy frequencies are up you naturally see things with a brighter view, you see the wonder in the world. Simple things become awe inspiring like the fact that an apple or a banana is a perfect food packet miraculously designed in size, wrapping and deliciousness to satisfy your nourishment. Focusing on management of your energy is much simpler than wrangling with attitudes and emotions. When we slip into those low energy, self-destructive places basically the not-heaven states where everything looks bleak there are ways out but it can be very very hard. It is especially hard by our selves that’s why we have help. But help only comes when you ask for it, when you are ready. Then the infrastructure of the ages appears in front of you or, “The teacher appears”. What I mean by infrastructure is all those paths created and maintained to lift your energy frequencies and lighten and brighten your outlook in this blessed life which is in Heaven.

Let’s look at the paths, I am not referring to religions but maybe to the practices offered through religions and spiritualities. Personally if I feel down I can count on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali singing to lift my heart. It is instant and palpable. This is what chanting does. It circumvents the mind from its groove of downerness and elegantly slides in a new program that lifts the heart to wrap the mind within its natural joyfulness. Whirling does this, meditation does this, perhaps your art or your atheletics do this too. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you hold your state as sacred and that you diligently restore it whenever it begins to slide into the mundane and even below that. This is an extraordinary magical place of miracles and joy, it is Heaven and it is our birthright to know that. Not just know it with our head but to Know it with our being.

This is my personal mandate, to Know my most pure and highest self and I am so blessed to be gifted with understanding that shows the way. Last night I again met Robert Young at the META Center here in New York City. While Robert talked it was interesting and very important and yet what was really going on was a simple, profound transmission of energy. Robert explained how we can all change the energy and lift it up. He demonstrated lifting the energy in the room and depressing it.  He worked with each of us as individuals in the room and also with us as a group. There was none of the usual visualization exercises, chanting, meditation, invocations or other remarkable tools for shifting states but just simply a focus on awareness and intent which produces result. What it felt like to me was periods of  intense heat, so hot that my chair felt heated. It also felt like a buzzing in my heart, not palpitations or fluttering but a warm humming that felt good. There was a profound stillness that became apparent, a stillness that I have met before only in very deep meditation but here it was enveloping everything, supporting everything, nourishing everything. To me this is the stillness of the causal realm, the place from which all things come. It is the divine womb of creation which pours out anything and all things and yet remains un-depleted. In fact this place is so full that not only does it hold anything that is, was or ever will be but it holds all that will never be. In modern sports parlance it is the, ‘zone’.

Robert explained that we are consciosness and that our consciousness is not trapped inside our physical form; it flows around us and is in fact eternal. He demonstrated the energetic frequencies of our consciousness and how we can very simply lift them up. He emphasized the importance of lifting not only our frequencies but also the frequencies of others that we encounter. We can do this quite simply with a smile. If permission is granted we can welcome someone else’s frequencies to match ours and take them on a delicious ride of appreciation.

Robert reminded us that this energy of consciousness which flows within and without us is that which forms our world, I called it the causal realm earlier and that is it. My father always used to say, “You can’t get something from nothing”. Well, I have to say I disagree in a big way, everything comes from nothing. The universe comes from nothing, our bodies come from nothing. Our consciousness is what attracts the somethings of our lives and we are moving into a reality where that process will seem more and more miraculous. But think wouldn’t your cell phone look miraculous to your great-great grandmother.

A broken heart

These are the dark times or perhaps the challenging times of the famous Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times”. The challenge is to permit the heart to break, to be with those who suffer fully without drowning ourselves. I have been angsting over my next blog; this one, because what can one say about heaven being here when such terrible quakes happen as in Haiti and so many suffer and die? The last thing I intend for this blog is for it to be pollyannish; that is of use to no one. 

So where is heaven in all the disaster that we have just witnessed and  in that suffering that continues to unfold in further desperation? I think the first step toward finding it and recogizing heaven is here is to know that we are more than just our physical form, we are greater than that. Our isness is eternal; that primordial witness of our lives, loves, wars, disasters and deaths is omiscient and omnipresent. That core us is beyond the blink of an eye that is this life. That part of us knows this is heaven, that part of us orchestrates this heaven so that we may experience the sublime and the excruciating feelings of this life. Challenging times afford each of us the opportunity to know ourselves better. These events also allow us to know ourselves better as one humanity, as the organism of community that we are fast becoming in this rapidly globalizing village. I think of a woman I saw on TV two days ago who was trapped for 6 days in rubble. When a team of US firefighters finally pulled her out she broke into song. My heart sings with her as much as my heart breaks for the children sitting in the streets next to their injured or deceased parent. I pour my prayers and blessings on those who are suffering in Haiti and to those who are helping, thank you to them all for their part in this massive global heart opening event.

It is important to look at this event and see what is going on cosmically and globally. Our world is our reflection of our self. Our immediate personal world reflects our personal, individual suppositions about reality. Our world at large reflects the greater agreements we assume as a community of humans. We carry and sustain immense constructs of what we think our world should be. For example the banking system is a construct, it’s “reality” is only apparent because we all agree to function by it’s authority. National borders are a construct, as are governments, educational systems and of course religions. All these ‘structures’ have formed over thousands of years built on infrastructures of assumptions that were formed and agreed upon thousands of years ago. Assumptions like “God is a jealous god”, “my race is the smartest”, “women should stay in the home”, “my neighbor is my enemy”, “survival of the fittest” all impact with tremendous power the way we interact and live together. I think few would agree that these structures are perfect and true. Many people are left out in the cold, impoverished and unable to create a sustainable lifestyle and this is because of these constructs. I was infuriated to learn that when Haiti revolted after learning about the French revolution and won their freedom they were then subject to reparations for loss of French revenues garnered by the slave industry. It took Haiti 150 years to pay off this massive debt, I wonder why the slaves were unable to make a case for reparations for their slave labor and ill-treatment and instead garner 150 years of reparation payments from France. These are the kinds of constructs that are crumbling right now. We are entering a new time where subjugation of our fellows, theft of each others energy and lifeforce will not be permitted. How can we be in heaven when the comfort of one depends on the suffering of another? We are intimately intertwined as one humanity and each individual’s well being is mutually beneficial, even the ants have figured this out.

I remember vividly while watching on TV the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapse that I felt like everything I thought was real inside me was crumbling and disintegrating. I felt a palpable shattering of the subtle construction of my understanding of my world. In the days after 9/11 in New York City New Yorkers were so soft and sweet. People’s hearts were open. Strangers were chatting with each other. Residents set drinks outside and made cookies for passers by. An opera singer broke into a splendid song one morning in the subway and the entire subway car felt sacred. It didn’t take long though for hearts to harden and for the US to stampede into war. Five years later we witnessed the suffering of New Orleans, then the South Asian Tsunami, then the hurricane in Haiti and ten years later here we are again witnessing terrible suffering.

It is said that if a change in direction is needed God will tickle your nose with a feather, if you are really alert you will immediately pay attention and shift course. If that doesn’t work God will slap your hand with a newspaper, hopefully for most of us that will get our attention and we will make a correction, if that doesn’t work he’ll use a 2 by 4 across your temple, it will probably hurt like hell but who’s going to ignore that. In your dazed recovery ideally you will change your misbehaviour. But if, however, even the 2 by 4 fails to make the point then comes the mac truck barreling down toward you with full force. Even though we are blessed with free will while playing in this realm it is critical that we follow the path of grace chosen by our own souls. Does it sound like I might be blaming someone for the earthquake? I hope not, I am not. I am convinced though that a quantum shift in our relationships to each other and to our world will produce a dramatically different experience of our world for each of us.

Here is an opportunity to allow the heart to break, or at the very least to soften and open. This is perhaps our most important duty right now, holding of anger, fear, jealousy, judgment and other negative energies ripples out into our world in terribly destructive ways. It takes great skill and effort to hold a state that welcomes heaven but heaven will not be perceived unless that disciplined state is nurtured.

I would like to recommend a well-reknowned prescient teacher Tom Kenyon, who offers beautiful and useful information to support us through these difficult times. A most recent article entitled, “Haiti and the Chaotic Node” presents information on how to maintain a good state as we go through these trying times.