Welcome Parties

Riders in the North Station in Boston are greeted on their way to work by good samaritan cheerleaders. All this is part of an effort to lift the spirits of the general public. In an effort to combat suicide a non profit group – Samaritans started a social experiment to connect people. The premise ‘if you make your voice heard, Boston will be a happier place”.

Something is definitely happening. They were on the Today show this morning and the blogosphere is full of posts about the phenomenon of friendliness this had started.

Many times when I step into the NYC subway I have the urge to shout, “Good Morning, everyone, have a great day” but I restrain myself. How much better would New York be too if we all greeted each other, smiled, said hello or just nodded?

I think the most important thing is to feel connected, acknowledged and respected. So here goes, next time I get in the train I hope I have the courage to say it.