Your Life is a Gift

Well, I am inspired. I just listened to an Awakening Zone interview that Sandie Sedgebeer held with Anita Moorjani earlier this year.

Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She actually did die and hence the title of her book, “Dying to be Me” but she was offered the chance on the other side to return and she chose to do so. Her story is so compelling, her understanding so beautiful. I love that she says that in many of our various cultures we actually think that this life is only preparation for life in the hereafter and that heaven is only after death but she knows that is not true.  She says this is where we must achieve our state of joy, love, connection, and self-love.

Anita brings incredible insight to our confused state of being and doing. With her clarity born of her near death experience she shares the profound importance of all of our lives. She points out the subtle, incorruptible connectedness that we all live within. She shows us how naturally we relate to those who are actually on the other side. She stresses the importance of life in form and gives understanding of what life without form is.

I have read tons of books about NDE’s, past life stories, angel encounters and encounters with heaven and rarely have I heard such a clear, grounded and loving voice. I can’t wait to read her book. I welcome you to listen to her interview first if you want. Anita comes in about 1/3rd of the way through Sandie’s show.

Anita can be found at