Naughty or Nice

Well, here we are in the holiday season and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what it’s really all about. Is it about shopping, family, friends, gifts, charity, remembering our spiritual source, partying, helping people out or what. Generally it’s pretty choatic isn’t it? We get pulled in all directions, too much mail asking for donations, too much email trying to sell something, too many gifts to get just perfect, too many parties we have to go to and a tremendous amount of noise on the street with Christmas music, bells, busy shoppers and stress, stress, stress. Are you feeling all of that?

So interestingly enough I am not feeling any of it. I have no idea what happened or how it happened but I am feeling a really smooth and joyful slide toward the holidays. My shopping is done, I started to bake yesterday, I am excited about hosting Christmas dinner and am planning some fun table decorations. Where did the time come from? Where did the ease come from? I’m not quite sure. I think I just dropped buying into the stress. I did do some online shopping which is very easy and saves so much time. Mostly I think I feel light about the whole thing even though I am in the middle of three art commissions right now which are also going smoothly and joyfully. So thank you mind for the best Christmas gift ever; ease, joyful engagement, and a general sense of “All is well”. Isn’t that what the great masters always tell us – “All is well”. So if we can tease that out of the chaos around us we have opened the most precious gift that the season can give us.

Blessings to all.