Gazing at SELF

OK, finally back again to the blog. It’s been a very busy month with a show installation for E Pluribus and a return to a favorite job – making muppet costumes for The Jim Henson Production; Disney is producing a new Muppet Movie.

Anyway /breath/ here we are. It’s time to remind myself again as always – why do this?

Today I returned for a final session of ¬†‘gazing’ with Braco (pronounced – Bratso), a well-reknowned “healer” from Croatia. I discovered Braco while surfing the net about 2 or 3 years ago and thought how very interesting that he has chosen to impart his message in complete silence with a 5 to 8 minute gazing session. Hundreds of thousands of people travel long distances to see him every year some to experience a healing, which apparently happens very often. Many come just to taste that pure and delicious sense of recognizing the highest within. I wondered if Braco would ever make it to the US and here he is. Ironically his first East Coast gazing sessions are right near my house in Connecticut – just 10 minutes away, how amazing. So I went yesterday for 4 or 5 gazings, I can’t remember and today for one more. Braco doesn’t charge for this service that he offers, the cost is a modest charge to cover set-up, amenities and venue and it’s very reasonable at $8 per gazing.

Yesterday was an exquisite day so in the midst of radiant fall foliage, scudding clouds and raucous migrating birds plus a couple of chickens scurrying around the farm hundreds of people maybe over a thousand experienced Braco’s form of grace for the first time. It was sweet with a few reports of physical healing and many reports of visions, experiences of warmth, openness, contentment and some tears. How awesome that we do not need to talk about it, explain it, be instructed or even follow strict procedures to experience the sweet wash of grace. Braco reminds us very elegantly of who we are, he sees everyone in their purest light and by doing so allows each of us to see ourselves in that light, he reminds us to look beyond the obsessions that distract us from our holiness. Of course, we are THAT already; pure, holy, magnanimous, abundant, creative, loving beings and we can access that at all times should we choose and yet what a blessing to have others who will remind us when we forget.

Thank you Braco.

To learn more and to see where you can go to see Braco in person go to

However, if you cannot get to a “gazing session” right away then make one of your own: Take a few minutes, ideally when you first arise in the morning or after a meditation when you are open and relaxed, look into your own eyes in the mirror. Look without judgement, expectation, or even recognition. Seek out the divine spark in your own eyes, recognize yourself as that light, as transcendent, loving, pure and raw being. Accept and honor yourself.

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