Beautiful Deadline

folded_craneHow great it is to have something to work toward. For my current show at the Wang Center of SUNY Stony Brook I made four new flags to add to the collection. In my last blog I talked about the fabrics that I collected for three of them, the Hmong, Mien and Balinese flags. I am very pleased with how they came out. As soon as I get some good photos they’ll be up on the site. But they are there at Stony Brook for another month and a half so you can go and see them in person.

I also made another Japanese flag since the original was sold. It’s there too, beautifully framed by Jane and Doug of the World Trade Art Gallery. For that flag I folded another 50 cranes which means I have now folded at least 100 cranes. I need to come up with a really good wish and fold the next 900 cranes in order to get it to come true. How about world harmony – not peace but harmony? With harmony we can be who we want to be, different and joyful in our difference, respectful and appreciative of our different contributions.

Who would like to join me in this wish? Here’s directions for crane folding if you’d like to: