Voice of Truth

So continuing with this exercise of looking at how we celebrate the spiritual body with adornment I first want to say a bit about why we are doing this now.

These are intense times, we are in a marvelous mystical transition from density to light and yet this light that we are has always been known and celebrated. My intention with this exercise is to ease us into seeing how connected we already are with our light body, our spiritual self, our 5th dimensional being where duality, conflict, struggle, competition, speaking out against each other, arguing, gossip and division hold no power over our experience of being. In our light body which resides consciously in the 5th dimension qualities of paradox where right and “wrong” are no different. Love triumphs over the seeming of difference and division. Functionality of unified dreams and goals overcomes partisan arguments and space of communal agreement is inevitable. When the simplicity of accepting that we can both be right even though we are in total disagreement washes through us we realize the energy it takes to argue is pointless. The dysfunction of taking stands of opposition against elements of our world requires immense debilitating rigidity of energy that takes us out of our liquid moment and distracts us from sparkling enlightened truths available in each interaction that we are blessed with.

Here is an image of Shiva who drank the poison during the churning of the ocean.
Here is an image of Shiva who drank the poison during the churning of the ocean.
Wow, where did that come from. But it’s perfect. This is where we are now; looking at the 5th chakra, the throat, the voice, the energetic space of our communication with our world. We forget today that this space of communication is sacred, it is spectacularly situated between the heart and the crown chakras in a high and exalted frequency of the body. This is where divine truth can come through us, if we permit. We forget that our words are powerful, resonant throughout the whole universe and that our words create our reality. Most of the sacred texts start with something like what the Bible says, ” First there was the Word, and the word was Good, or God”. This word is the creative force of life, it is the resonant spark that impels thought into being and generates the forms of our life. This is ancient knowledge that we choose to consider myth and yet every culture remembers magicians, and shaman, genies and such who could say, “Abracadabra” or something and create just like that. Watch your words carefully and then you will see what you create.

Anyway, this is a quick intro to the concept of chakras celebrated by clothing so I am trying to keep it that way even though there is so much to say about the subject. So think about the neck. Today we don’t really wear necklaces with the consciousness of how it celebrates or affects our throat chakra, unless we are into gem vibrations and yet there are long histories of wearing symbols at the neck; crosses, Hamesh, Star of David, Ankh’s, Hand of Fatima. Most religions will provide some symbol that can be worn at the neck. It could be true that this is the obvious place to display our allegiance and yet think of what this does, the resonance of a cross at the throat quite possibly guides the chakra to hold the truth of that lineage, maybe.

There is so much to say and to learn about this chakra – in Egypt very often the Kings, Queens, Priests and Priestesses wore blue at the neck or lapis lazuli because it is that indigo blue. Shiva, the great Hindu God’s neck was stained indigo blue because he swallowed a poison to protect our reality that was stirred out of the cosmic sea. Each of the chakras is associated with color, color has resonance. There are also images, beings and numbers associated with the chakras.

He says:

I am neither the mind, intelligence, ego nor memory; neither am I the ears nor the tongue nor the senses of smell and sight; neither ether nor air, nor fire, nor water, nor earth – I am eternal bliss and awareness – I am Shiva! I am Shiva.