I delight in discovering new manifestations that Heaven Is Here in the mainstream news. Yesterday I saw a story about the kids at the oldest public school in the USA, Boston Latin School, working diligently to create sustainable roof scapes on their school buildings in Boston. I was so inspired. For many, many years now I have imagined green roofs on city buildings but had no sense or aptitude to pursue the vision. How exciting that these kids are making it happen. You can learn all about it at

These kids are proof of heaven, they see a need, they manifest focused direction and draw those who can help to them. The envision huge without worrying about the scale of the problem and they offer back to the greater community the fruits of their discoveries. They also invite participation. It is a real community effort to change old buildings with heavy carbon footprints into sustainable spaces with ongoing learning opportunities for future generations of students.

These students could have stopped with their effort to reduce their carbon foot print at changing the light bulbs and lowering the thermostat but instead they leapt way beyond that and developed a truly inspiring program. Let’s hope that this kind of inspiration spreads across schools, universities, business and city apartment buildings. The prospect of locally grown foods, cooler roofs, cooler cities, reduced rain washes overflowing drainage systems is very promising and to me evidence of increasing awareness of our integral reliance on our landscape and responsible management of our resources. I applaud the students of Boston Latin School.

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