I am inspired by the Dalai Lama’s interview with Ann Curry not to share the meaning and value of his message but to examine the value of the fact that he is here and able to share his message with so many.  This is the infrastructure of Heaven, it is the subtle roads and bridges that allow us to navigate the treacherous territory of the mind. This infrastructure has been constructed over millenia of mankind begun by ancient Rishis and Gurus and continued by Saints, Sages, Shaman and Teachers of all cultures. I capitalize them all because they are great ones codifiying the divine conscious energies in such a way as to assist us all in our expression of a perfect life in form.

Imagine that once there were no roads; moving from place to place was difficult if not impossible because there were also just rudimentary vehicles. As time and civilization progress foot paths become wagon tracks, these get paved and carry faster vehicles. People come together to build trains, bridges, airplanes and everyone moves around from place to place with much greater ease. Then there is the communications system from telegraph to telephone, television, internet, multiuse PDA’s, what’s next? These tangible, physical infrastructures are directly representative of subtle infrastructures that have in similar ways developed over time.

These subtle roads are the roads to magical inner realms of peace, harmony, contentment, enlightenment. The vehicles are meditation, listening to the teacher – as you will, I hope listen to the Dalai Lama’s interview on the link below. Other vehicles or roads, or bridges are knowledge, self-examination, right attitude, good company, discipline, vigilance and I am sure there are more.

The infrastructure of assistance to us in these very difficult paths is extraordinary today. In the past very few were able to find a great teacher and follow a path of spiritual growth, today we are rich with all the world’s disciplines and a vast complement of teachers whose books, websites, videos, workshops and personal counseling are readily available to so many of us. Our physical infrastructure allows us to mix it up to reach for the teaching that we fancy or resonate with. The subtle infrastructure is so much more available and comprehensible because of the astonishing improvements in communication techniques over this last century.

We are very blessed; we have so much at our fingertips because the infrastructure of our world wide civilization is so strong and so far reaching. The Dalai Lama states that we as humanity are getting better.  Infrastructure has much to do with that; we are dependent upon each other, we resonate with each other’s difficulties no matter how far away or how different we are, we can now assist in ways that were never possible before with direct transfer of funds and goods to those in need.

Check out the video: