Choose Heaven

How do we create a vision for a new future for humanity? We are going through massive changes right now; cosmic energies are shifting the fiber of our reality and we are in a unique space of opportunity. The opportunity to reframe our relationship with our reality is at our doorstep. Every step of our lives is an opportunity to embrace heaven, to create a life of abundance, joy, celebration, respect and love. I say choose that.

Many of my friends know that I created with the generous help of many good friends a short film, “New York City Spirit” that celebrates the diverse ways in which New Yorkers connect to the divine. I still hope to make the feature length version at some point. The reason that I did this is because I have experienced the overwhelming grace of connecting with the divine. Should I say connecting? It’s really wrong because how do you connect with that which you already are? We are that divine, the divine is what pulsed this reality that we share into being, it is what maintains the reality we perceive, it is what maintains our image of our selves and all interactions we participate in as we play from day to day. Why is it that we do not know this every moment of life?  – We forget.

At one point in my studies I uncovered a unique explanation of  the creation of man. I must digress for just a moment to put this into context, I am not writing any scholarly works here, my goal is to celebrate the pure, raw energy of the divine – to taste it as much as possible so I do not want to be constrained by pedantic requirements of referrals to source or whatever. Suffice it to say that I share my experiences, recollections, personal discoveries and hope that this perspective is useful. Part of the cosmic shift that we go through here includes a personal shift to the self-empowerment of trusting our own body, emotions, intuition and mind as our information source. Statistics are irrelevant to the individual when the magic of the divine is recognized.

So back to the unique creation of man; God extruded man from the blissful core of Herself and placed man on the Earth for the purpose of exploring the state of separation. Man remembered his former state of being utterly merged into all-being, all-knowing, blissful everything and said to God, “I don’t like this separation, I am cold, lonely, and I feel rejected. Therefore, I’ve decided that I will just merge back into YOU.” And he did. God was within the context of Her perfection and bliss a bit disappointed, Her experiment in exploring the nature of Her expanded and diversified being was abruptly ended.  So She started again, this time She created a foil, a veil and made it so that man could not remember his former nature as being merged within Herself.  Thus began the glorious adventures of man.

The mystical experience that I had that made this story of man abundantly clear happened one day in Central Park. I was sitting with a great mystic, Pamela Wilson, and we were talking about the nature of forgetfulness. I was watching a swan gliding about on the pond, leaves were gracefully fluttering above my head, my hair caught the slight breeze and suddenly everything changed. My inner being cracked and shifted with the profundity of a massive earthquake without any rumbles or shatters. It was a change of momentous proportion that had nothing to show for itself except this: It occurred to me that my dismay at my repeated and sometimes prolonged forgetfulness of the divine was irrelevant because even if I forget; my divine creator never forgets me. Therefore if I am THAT creator as well as being that which is created then technically I never forget too. The wave of relief that swept over me was powerful and lasting. Now I have no stress if I forget and some days when in old habitual ways I slip into self-recrimination and perhaps begin to whine, “O, where is God?” I smile and chuckle because I know that is just a game, a game of hide and go seek played with the self. It makes me laugh out loud. I can trace the path of choices that led me to this revelation and every one was a conscious decision to choose enlightenment.

Much help is available these days to further the conscious embrace of heaven here on Earth now. On Tuesday, I saw a fabulous film entitled, ‘With One Voice’.  The website for the documentary is: Various mystics speak on the nature of spirituality, life and religion. Each brings understanding within the context of their traditions yet the voices are beautifully harmonious. All of the great religions are represented and these wise mystic teachers generously point out the richness of the path that led them to knowing the divine while also acknowledging the value of other paths. One said that as long as there are many different religions there will be that many ways to know God. I say as long as there are individuals there will be as many ways to know God, and this is the key, it is not about following doctrine but about experiencing our true nature. I highly recommend this film and you can order it here: