Welcome to E PLURIBUS first blog

Welcome to my very first E PLURIBUS blog. I am so excited to be able to share this art project; my passion, with everyone in this way. It is time to celebrate, time to be joyful, time to share and love each other.

E PLURIBUS, UNUM, our motto from the United States Great Seal, is a fantastic statement. Here we all are living together in harmony, in difference of personal and cultural expression but still in harmony.

Though the art project E PLURIBUS seems to be a very American project; almost an iconic nationalistic rally, I think of it really as a type of village earth celebration. This is not to say that I would like to see Old Glory representing countries other than the USA itself but it is to say that the ideologies and principles of the USA for living and working together are precious, and dear to so many around the entire world and it is imperative that we protect those principles.

It is imperative that in the darkest of times we protect the light of reason and hope that the United States Constitution shouts out shines forth throughout the ages and throughout the world. It is imperative that we approach each other even though we may seem different with respect, recognition and the absolute conviction that we are no different from each other.

To so many around the world the United States of America represents hope, freedom, happiness, prosperity, peace, opportunity, success, enlightenment and so many exalted ideas that assure us of a rich life well worth living no matter where we come from. That’s why so many of us come here year after year.

These ideas are deeply threatened today. Much of what has happened over the last six years has deeply eroded worldwide trust in our ability to uphold the exalted high standards of freedom and respect for all laid out for us in the brilliant Constitution written by our founding fathers. It is my hope that we can and will together correct this. A great start will be to share how we actually do live together here in this country in peace and in harmony. We can share with others the fact that mixed and diverse cultures can survive and even thrive together.

I would never recommend that anyone fight for peace but rather instead I recommend that we gently propose HARMONY. In harmony many notes and tempos coexist creating excitement, contrast and interest. It takes all the diverse instruments in the orchestra to thrill the audience with the symphony of sound. AND the miraculous thing is that here we are living within that harmony, living together, loving each other.

Let’s celebrate that harmony in diversity, share that, show it off, enjoy it and be in harmony with each other – live and let live. “Out of Many, One” one great nation made out of the entire world; harmony at home is a small step from harmony worldwide if we really welcome it, celebrate it, focus on it and let it fill our lives.

The interactive quality of this project E PLURIBUS is most important to me. As E PLURIBUS moves forward I look forward to many ways to involve you in the creative, celebration process. I hope you will check in regularly and keep in touch.

Blessings to all,

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