We are in this together.

The best thing about heaven is that we get to play together. We get to learn from each other, we create, share, celebrate and move into a deeper understanding of our true nature together.

In the Buddhist tradition it is recommended that you meditate on a flower or a flame. Any object of the natural world will reveal the wonder of reality. Buddhist’s know that  it is critical to understand our true nature because not one single being will be freed to full enlightenment while another remains bound. We are inextricably bonded in our heaven.

We have all heard that saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. The big question is, will we recognize that teacher? I’ve heard a great story about the man who was coming home to his village and the villagers were dashing madly toward him. “What’s up?” He asked. “There’s a mad elephant loose. RUN, or he will kill you.” Now the man was just coming home from a very profound spiritual retreat and he thought, “no, I’m safe, God will protect me by letting me know if there is danger to me here”. So he continued walking. Another and another villager waved him off and one even tried to pull our man into joining the fleeing crowd but he was steadfast in his determination to trust that God would warn him. As the elephant rampaged toward him, knocked him down, and trampled him the man cried out, “God, why didn’t you warn me?” God said to him, “I did warn you, at least five of your fellow villagers told you to run, why didn’t you run?”

This is what I call spiritual infrastructure. Think about that village; once it was the woods, then some one beat a path, another built a bridge, a third established a police department. Soon there’s electricity, buses, supermarkets, schools and all number of conveniences that make life more civilized. We could do none of this by ourselves.

It may not be visible but the spiritual infrastructure that is comparable to bridges and roads, tunnels and mass transit exists; all we need to do is take advantage of it. Great world teachers of many millenia have mapped the inner roadways, bypasses, fields, forests and goldmines. The infrastructure is sound and as real as those things that make our daily life so convenient. After all, everything visible on the outside is representative of that which exists on the inner planes.

It seems that knowledge of the infinite, intimate understanding of our oneness is coming out of hiding. It is coming into our days, informing friendships, art, music and film. Even television is getting into the act with sneak peaks at great wisdom, but more on that in another post. Really I want to mention music right now. Music is one of the manifestations on this plane of reality that can most likely to impart the wisdom of our true nature, to connect us to the divine that we are. Chanting, tribal beats, low hums like the digeredoo or the esraj all create windows into higher planes of consciousness for us. I personally feel that is because we are first made of sound then of light then of matter. It says so in the Bible, and in other texts but I say so because I have felt it; this is the power of meditation or of chanting.  So today I want to introduce you to a fabulous new piece of music that is profound in it’s mystic beauty. Check out Haale’s new song and her first music video, an ode to life, the moon, fire, warmth…

(filmed by Casey Meade)

Qualities of Heaven

We  have arrived we are already in Heaven, this is it. So if it does not feel like heaven does that prove that this is not heaven? What are the qualities of heaven? Let’s take a stab at it: perfection, freedom, bliss, joy, communion with the divine and with each other, all needs met on physical and spiritual planes, opportunity to flourish and be fantastic, appreciation of what we are and what others are, and probably much more that I am not thinking of. I would love to hear your qualities of heaven.

Where exactly are we on this path of reaching heaven? It’s a bit like what, I think, Tom Sawyer once said to Huck Finn, though I can’t find the exact quote: something about if his great Aunt was there in heaven he surely wouldn’t want to be there. The idea supposes restrictions on heaven, it supposes that heaven doesn’t have room for differences and for appreciation of those differences. Much the same as here. I guess it shows that our idea of heaven is a function of where our mind set is right now. We live with an overwhelming awareness of the limited, we perceive that if it’s not this it’s that, there is very little room for qualities of difference or for gradations toward the exquisite. I guess I’m talking about the glass being half empty versus half full.

For us today we have the most amazing opportunities, we can try on someone elses viewpoint on a daily basis. With the prevalence of media we can live the stories of others with vastly divergent views from us without committing. We can taste another’s dreams, trials, striving, failure and successes. Is that why we are so enraptured by the lifestyles of the stars? Don’t their lives look like heaven from the outside? Yet too many times the curtain is pulled away and we become aware of a despair that leads to tragic consequences. So can we definitively say that fame, wealth and success are heaven? We spend so much of our time scrambling to make a “perfect” life but what defines a perfect life? We as humans have the amazing ability to live in astonishingly different circumstances, from igloos in the North to grassy huts all the way on the Equator. Much of our ideas of perfection are not even ours, we find ourselves being sold on all kinds of things, or activities that will produce qualities of enjoyment, success, delight, perfection or whatever. It all comes at us from the outside in a torrent of choices.  Our perceptions of what is delicious for a life or a heaven are uncountable. What would we find in THE heaven?

I would like to share what I think we would find: Our consciousness would dissolve out of phenomenon into the noumenon, first we might be blissfully blinded by the brilliant light of our own primordial Self. That Self that is the essential core of us that was the initial separation from the ALL CONSCIOUS. Then we may blend into the chaos of the emptiness, which is really all things in potential and all things that will never be and all things that will be. There we rest in perfect equilibrium for eternity, needing no thing, being no thing, thinking no thing. It is our natural state and is inexpressibly delicious. This state is ours to have even while we are separated into form, for this is the state that nourishes the form and propels it into being. This state is available at all times in all places and the doorway is meditation. I invite you to meditate on your heaven, taste the deliciousness of your breath that reveals the pathway inside to that sacred space. This is how you will know that heaven is here.

On the Ground

Do you think it’s because I introduced my new peace symbol this week that I suddenly greet the challenge in the proverbial you?

On the ground is where ‘Heaven’ meets the road or in my case, the tracks. Today in the fabulous New York subway system I got crowded between two guys arguing over space. A guy in the station was yelling at the guy behind me to make space for him on the train where there there was none. By the time the one who was on the train right behind me got off the train to let the other guy on I felt very defensive of the poor guy left behind and mad at the “idiot” standing over me with his arm leaning on my shoulder. He was grumbling that the other guy was an “idiot”. That’s why I referred  to him that way. I felt like I was in the middle of it all; I swallowed the drama into my being, took it on, kind of revelled in it. Not because I wanted to, or because it was mine but probably because I am a creature of habit like all of us; eager to salivate over that sour deliciousness of drama, conflict, and self-righteousness. It is dangerous territory that we all know so well and that we fail to navigate with grace too many times, witness the conflict world wide that escalates to global scale. Will we ever tire of it?

When we know how these encounters affect us why is it that we still trample through our heaven kicking up dust and insulting each other? I was so riled up I was ready to defend the abandoned commuter but the “i…”, excuse me, I am sorry but I don’t know his name, was just too close to me; it was a bad idea.  Suddenly I thought, “wait this has nothing to do with me” even if it did I don’t need to relish the ugliness of it all. So I breathed, I relaxed, I offered all the fury back to the man standing next to me who perpetrated the flurry to begin with and basically washed my hands of the whole thing. Afterall the abandoned commuter chose to step out of the train rather than continue to engage with mister “I”.

Then I remembered a story about the Buddha who was asked by a woman what to do about a conflict that troubled her. I may not have the story exact but this is what I took from it. He asked her what would happen if she made a feast and asked her opponent over to eat but he refused to eat, she said I would have to eat the food myself. The Buddha said exactly so don’t engage with him and he will have to consume the trouble he makes himself. Or something like that. When I relaxed and breathed I disengaged from the drama, what a delicious relief that was. It was not my misadventure, so why get involved. Ordinarily, I would have carried that energetic shift through my whole system for hours after the encounter but the exercise of conscious relief restored my equanimity instantly. This is Heaven – awareness, choosing and practicing. It worked so well that a very short time later when another guy got really irritated with me because I happened to be walking in his way, that kind of thing happens in New York, I didn’t even get phazed by it. Let him have his annoyance, it has nothing to do with me.

I had a sense when I released that tension in the subway that some profound shift had happened that energy was returned to it’s rightful place.  I think that’s why I remembered the Buddha’s story. We are beings of vast complexity, intricately connected. We are capable of infecting each other with delight through a song, or fury through a harsh word. I would have to say that knowing this I admit that my interactions in this world with most people are clumsy. Do I listened enough? I wish. Do I appreciate enough? Probably not. Do I get annoyed too many times? Definitely. I suspect that in order for us all to become fully aware of the Heaven we cohabitate a far greater awareness of our affect on each other must be cultivated. So that’s what that peace symbol is about. It represents a contract to practice this kind of interaction.  To walk the talk. Are you with me?

Joy Rising

Well, this is a trip. So many of you have looked at my blog in the last few days. So many of you have commented and emailed me. Thank you, you are inspiring me. 

The most amazing thing is happening; as the contemplation that Heaven Is Here is initiated the proof comes flooding toward me. Today on Oprah I saw video of a flash mob dancing to Black Eyed Peas, maybe you’ve seen it. It is fantastic check it out here:

As one participant on Oprah’s show said, “It was passion unleashed, unity revealed and joy rising”. He began this by saying if he were to imagine what Heaven would be like that was it.

This is our job right now. It is our joy rising to envision and enact Heaven. Bravo to all those who participated in that flash mob and to the Black Eyed Peas for the joyful music they create, they are showing the way.

It’s All New.

In Vedic tradition it is said that whatever you do in the beginning of any new venture will set the tone for that whole event. I have to say that I totally believe it and last year was proof because I started the year traveling and then traveled somewhere exotic every month for the entire year except the summer months when I love to be in Connecticut. So here we are starting not only a new year but also a new decade. Right now we have the opportunity to set a tone for years to come. It is our choice to make that future great so how do we do so?

I have been playing a lot of Scrabble lately, I love it. Interestingly yesterday Scrabble spawned contemplation for me while I was shoveling snow out of my driveway. I was thinking of connections, I often contemplate the idea of connections between us all as humans. The way we interact is the way we create sublime life or tortured life, so why do we choose either of these?  Back to Scrabble and what I think I learned from it. I marvel that you can have a good hand with good letters but might only find a 12 or so point word using most of your letters; however other times you can place 1 or 2 letters and get a stunning score by connecting words and increasing their value. The more each letter is used to connect or create other words the greater the potential for value with or without the double, triple letter and word bonuses. Think of this in relation to life and interactions. Unfortunately today pretty much all of our focus is on monetary value of everything; New York City even put a value on each tree planted within the city limits. Reducing the stuff of life and its multiple interactions to a monetary value seems to me to be a very linear and confining structure. Wouldn’t it be better to stretch our understanding of value in interactions? We can dimensionalize the richness of life if we cherish and celebrate our interactions, connections in many more ways.

In honor of this new beginning a year and a decade in which I dream to see a shift in consciousness toward mutual respect and celebration of each other and of our various contributions to the fabric of our shared lives I invite you to check out two websites working to make a difference. This morning on CBS Sunday morning I heard about Dafna Michaelson and her mission to interview people making a difference in their communities nationwide.  Bravo Dafna, her inspiring video blogs remind us of the pioneer spirit that made the USA. That pioneer spirit of connecting people and communities to accomplish the inspirational is needed again so that we can fabricate a magnificent new decade. Another website is Kiva lending provides people to people micro loans to alleviate poverty and yes, connects people across the globe. These are websites that exemplify that multi-stacked value connection like a single Scrabble s that triples words in two directions. The value is not counted in dollars but in hearts.

As my offering to this new decade I want to share with you a new peace sign created because of the inspiration of my dear friend Robyn. It means I (the straight line) enter wOrld (the circle) and greet You (the y) with loVe ( the V or a tilted L) whichever you prefer. I prefer to think of it as a v because v is close to the heart of the word love.

This sign is rich with meaning: first it is upright reaching toward the sky and welcoming active peace. This makes it a contract or a commitment to live by peace.  This symbol represents not just a passive alignment with the idea of peace. It appears like the tree of life affirming life and celebration. The I which is you or me is partly out of the world acknowledging that we are of a greater reality and merely playing in this world. I is enveloped by you before world showing that all of our interactions are with conscious presence in other forms whether it is people, animals, trees or even Mother Earth herself; we cannot be separated.  And love represented by the V is the connecting force between You and I. Currently I have not settled on a name for the symbol though I have a couple of ideas. Any suggestions?

Happy New Year all.

Sacred Mundane

Imagine my delight to know that several people read my first blog yesterday. Thank you.

So on with the mission to tease out the Heaven in this life, not the afterlife or someone else’s life, the Heaven in my life and in your life. One day a spiritual teacher reminded me that I was living in God’s back yard. What a beautiful thought, it struck me and I agreed. Of course, where else would we be living? Let me clarify what I mean by God, I mean you, your highest most sacred, holy self, that part of you that is also me, that conscious being that created us both in bliss. This is our birthright.  Everyday in this shift of ages more and more people are becoming aware of this inner connection. It is an awakening to the true nature of self and Self and inspires a different relationship with the world. But the awakening needs nurturing and cultivating.

A superb sign that Heaven is Here now is the explosion of spiritual teachers and magnificent tools. I think my favorite book in recent years is Eckhart Tolle’s, THE POWER OF NOW.  It is perhaps one of the cleanest most direct and inspiring of texts to lead you to your Self. His next book, A NEW EARTH is equally compelling and speaks profoundly on the shifts we are going through now. Don’t wait any longer to read these books if you haven’t read them yet.

Heaven is not cheap; the cost is more than a pound of flesh. We must discard stuff that is very dear to us; old attitudes, attachments, rigid concepts of self and others, judgments, expectations and fanciful dreams all crumble in the face of the brilliance of Heaven. So another sign that Heaven is Here is the unrelenting collapse of so much that we thought was absolute; our financial system, job security, health care systems, government protection and more. What is all this anyway? Another great spiritual teacher once said in response to my whining about a dispute with a former landlord that we were trying to, “define territory in the divine”. Think about it just because it always was this way, it always worked that way, doesn’t mean that it always will work that way or stay as it was. Change is going to happen no matter what and this is a time for mega-change. The facade of authority is crumbling, the curtain hiding the wizard is blowing open, rug is getting pulled away. That can be a terrifying thing if you think that rug is your everything, but we are not our rugs, we are the divine and we cannot be defined.

Watch for the new systems that are sprouting in hidden places right now. Look for vibrant, useful systems like micro financing lending systems that connect people to people. Two years ago I joined a local Community Share Farm Association and I love it. The vegetables are so delicious, I pick some myself. I know that they are fresh and not shipped for days across the world. It brings me back to my youth in England where farms were always nearby, all food was grown locally and there was a real connection to the Earth. There is something comforting to me about this change in my lifestyle. I plan to revel in the changes, I am excited about the future, the potential in Heaven is unimaginable and we are in for the ride of our lives.

Wake up world, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Yes, we are in Heaven and let me tell you why I know this. I have started this HEAVEN IS HERE blog today to watch for the signs of heaven and point them out to you.

Before I tell you some signs though, I would like to point out why I feel compelled to write this blog. These are crazy tumultuous times and you may be thinking all you see is destruction and terror, if you watch the news that will be all you see. However, if you watch carefully and if you read between the lines you will see miraculous things happening.

This is the time known as the “end of days”, the “shift of the ages”, the “ascension” whatever. But not to worry it is a fabulous time, it is a time for glory. There are many who talk about this time from various points of view and I love to read the esoteric wisdom of those visionary light workers but I have yet to discover anyone who is highlighting the evidence as it unfolds as we and our entire planet ascend. This is what I intend to do here.

We are currently in the middle of a transition of ages from Pisces to Aquarius. The shift is well documented astronomically as our earth moves through the sky on its long trajectory around our galaxy and its even longer trajectory around our universe. These trips take, for the galactic 26,000 years and for the universal over 300,000 years; a blink of an eye in the mind of God. But here we are separated out into the reality of duality enjoying the feasts of consciousness, where time can seem to stand still.

How does this Earth as space ship trip affect us? Well, we are about to move into a sea of powerful energies that will affect our sun, our earth and us in beautiful ways. You could say that our consciousness is about to be ramped up or rebooted. The evidence is all around us. Today I want to use the concept of connectedness to highlight evidence of this shift.

Last night I saw the film AVATAR, I love it. There is a great deal about the film that is mystical and spiritual but perhaps the most brilliantly envisioned was the idea of connections between the humanoids and the lives of all other beings in their mythical world Pandora. In this film the concept of connections through all beings and the planet itself did not merely manifest as interdepent but excelled to the level of mutual flourishing and celebration of life through connection. This basic concept was exquisitely displayed throughout the film with energies of interaction shown as flashes of light. A memorable line from the heroine of the story is, “Our energy is only borrowed.”

Now wouldn’t it be a lot easier for us all if we saw those interactions between us as a mystical light, something to take our breath away, something to delight us or to awe us in its mystical transition from me to you and from you to another. I hope that this blog will embody that light and impart the delicious borrowed energy from me to you while creating appreciation and love of life as it goes. This is the power of connection; it is the flavor and force of life. The film AVATAR is a sign of the ascension process it is a mainstream film with a highly esoteric message of oneness, of interdependence. It also contains the message like MATRIX did that we are not of this place but interlopers for a while. However, unlike MATRIX, AVATAR goes on to suggest that we must interact with our world with respect and with celebration.

At this time of year as we look back over the past year I usually get really depressed, all the bad news comes up in a flurry. But here instead I want establish a tradition of sharing inspiring events that show we are in heaven that we are moving into alignment with the vision of connection portrayed by the blue aboriginals of Pandora. Did you hear that in June Apes were afforded legal rights in Spain? That is one tiny step toward greater respect in our interactions with animals. Did you hear that just before Christmas Prince William spent a night sleeping under a bridge in London with a homeless man?  That is a grand gesture of humility and respect on behalf of the ruling class. Let us hope and pray that such a seed of consciousness will grow and flourish.

Heaven is ours for the taking. We are blessed to be here for the show of many millennia, we chose to be here, we contribute to this immense and miraculous event – the ascension of the earth and all on it and also of all the rest of the universe. This is our great adventure in Heaven.

Work in Progress

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last blog. So there’s a lot to share. I am delighted the work is out there again for people to go and see it at LaGuardia ‘s Atrium Lobby Showcase Gallery East. There are three gorgeous glass cases in the lobby of the building and I have 8 flags in each of two cases and 4 in the center, including the new Mexican, Mali and Zaire American E Pluribus flags.The show will be up until January 30.

Meanwhile the project is always in progress. Right now my Mum has almost completed embroidering the English American flag it is amazing with rows of Tudor roses and heraldic crowns. We are both happy to see this flag come together because we are English and until this design came together we were feeling a bit left out.

There are so many different cultural facets to this country that we could be making these flags forever. Currently in progress are the Uzbekistan, the Madagascar, the Dutch, the Canadian two Italian and the French American flags. The way it works is that I ponder the recognizable imagery, or gifts of the various cultural demographics until I can come up with a really strong visual that applies comfortably to the US Flag design. The materials are very diverse and fun and allow me to explore all kinds of creative traditions from various points of view. For example, I just found a lovely Suzani cloth in Rome that I will use for the Uzbekistan flag’s star field. For the stripes I have some fabulous hand woven silk ikat that I bought online.

When I was in Amsterdam earlier this year I bought 100 wooden red tulips and a bunch of miniature clogs for the Dutch flag. I am still trying to figure out how to cobble it together. And believe me ‘cobble’ is a very good word for this here. The Madagascar flag is a very fun project. I am crocheting out of raffia a dimensional flag in the style of a great basket bag that I bought at Blue Bag at 266 Elizabeth Street in NYC. I’m always sending people there because everyone comments on the bag.

All of my friends are saving wine corks for me because, for the French flag I plan to stitch together about 1200 corks so that the red or white tips of the corks will express the stripes of the flag. The star field will be made from champagne corks with wire stars fashioned out of the champagne cork cages. They are looking really cool. Last year I collected dried and stored two boxes of bright red maple leaves for the Canadian American flag. I can’t believe I still haven’t had time to put that one together, I have all the parts. The field will be birch bark that I found in my local woods. The stripes out of the red maple leaves and the stars will be pine cones. My image of Canada is of rich and glorious wild forests. I have Venetian papers for one Italian flag and a design ready for construction of a marble tiled Italian flag.

So you can see there is plenty to do. Often I do get sidetracked like with the Mali flag which came together very quickly. I found the fabric after stumbling into a favorite shop on Greenwich Avenue and then I went to my local weekly flea market hoping that the African bead vendor would have some Mali wedding beads. How lucky I am, he was there for only the second time this year and he had only two Mali wedding bead necklaces so I bought them. One went into the flag, the other I’ve been wearing.

Well, I said there was a lot to share. I hope you can get to see the flags in person. If not please enjoy them at the online gallery of

E Pluribus in Queens

Yesterday was my first talk about the flag series E Pluribus. I am very honored and delighted to be a part of Mayor Bloomberg’s 6th Annual Immigrant Heritage Week and I want to thank Esther Hughes of the Mayor’s office and Doris Jones of the Queens Library Office for their generous assistance in making this happen. I also want to thank Andrew Jackson of Langston Hughes Library and Gina Fazio of the Flushing Library for arranging for the gallery spaces. I also want to thank Susana Galli for inviting me to participate in the International Immigrant Foundation’s gallery show. Thanks also to Jamel Dixon for hanging the Langston Hughes show so beautifully.

There are 4 flags hanging in a lower lobby area of the Flushing Public library and I gave the talk in a very nice adjacent auditorium. It was fun and though the weather was dreadful quite a few hardy souls came out for the discussion. It took me about 2 and a half days to construct my first powerpoint presentation. It was interesting to go back through the completed projects and retrieve the images that inspired them, like edelweiss flowers, keffiya head wraps and bamboo furniture. I am now always looking to find objects that represent the great offerings of the diverse cultures here. I am open to suggestions too. My talk really focused on the value offered by different cultures coming to live together here in the States. It is always about the people, about the value of individuals, about the value of what individuals can do together in groups whether they are tribal, communal, cultural or spiritual. I found myself repeating the idea that I have chosen uplifting symbols to represent these flags.

I feel it is critical to remember the gifts we share together and to emphasize the life affirming symbols and actions that we can celebrate and practice to make our daily experiences better and better. Let’s dance rather than fight, let’s make art instead of bullets and gardens instead of battlegrounds. Everyday we face choices and I personally resolve to choose actions, thoughts and words that affirm life, freedom, liberty and justice for all. Hmmm, I think I read that somewhere.

Anyway, this art project is an exercise in remembering the fantastic ideals written by the founders of this country that created the space for so many diverse cultures to come and live together in harmony. We are an example for the world. Let’s keep it working; kudos to Queens and the diverse residents there who show us all throughout the world how to live together.

I hope you can get to Langston Hughes Public Library in Corona or Flushing Library to see the flags. This Saturday there will be a reception at 1 PM with music by the Senor Lucky Blues Band starting at 2 PM at the Langston Hughes Library. I will give the talk again at 3 PM Saturday and tomorrow I will give it to some groups of school children also at the Langston Hughes Library. I hope to see you there.

Langston Hughes Public Library: April 17th to May 30th during library hours.
100-01 Northern Boulevard, Corona, NY 11368 Contact: (718) 651-1100

Artist’s reception: Saturday, April 25, 1-4PM with Senor Lucky Blues Band at 2PM
Flushing Queens Public Library: April 17th to April 30th during library hours.
41-17 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355 Contact: (718) 661-1200

Artist’s talk: Monday April 20, 6PM (
International Immigrant’s Foundation: April 17th to April 23rd
7 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 Contact: (212) 302-2222 (

Immigrant Heritage Week

Muriel Stockdale, Artist
88 Greenwich Street #2102
NY NY 10006

Diverse US Art flags become part of 6th Annual Immigrant Heritage Week.

New York City April 9, 2009 Muriel Stockdale’s E Pluribus series of American Art Flags will be shown as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s 6th Annual Immigrant Heritage week from April 17th to April 23rd. Visit over 25 diverse expressions of the US Flag at the Langston Hughes and Flushing Libraries in Queens as well as the International Immigrant’s Foundation in Manhattan. The artist has carefully designed and hand made her series of flags to celebrate the diverse contributions of the various cultures living together in harmony in the United States today. See Austrian, Indonesian and Mayan American flags made from cloth, crystals and cornhusk dolls along with Danish and Philippine American flags made from wood as well as Japanese or Mexican American flags crafted from Papel Picado and Origami papers.

Stockdale will discuss the inspiration behind this project, speak about her own immigrant experience, and facilitate an open discussion of the meaning of E Pluribus Unum. She invites you to contemplate your American Flag and the beauty of our United States ideals that make our country strong enough to contain and empower diverse voices and expressions. The exhibit begins April 17th at the following locations.

Langston Hughes Public Library:
April 17th to May 30th during library hours.
100-01 Northern Boulevard, Corona, NY 11368 Contact: (718) 651-1100

Artist’s reception:
Saturday, April 25, 1-4PM
with Señor Lucky Blues Band at 2PM

Flushing Queens Public Library:
April 17th to April 30th during library hours.
41-17 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355 Contact: (718) 661-1200

Artist’s talk:
Monday April 20, 6PM

International Immigrant’s Foundation:
April 17th to April 23rd
7 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036
Contact: (212) 302-2222 (

For hours and events see:
For more information please contact Muriel Stockdale at 212 475-1875

To see the flags online please go to