It’s All New.

In Vedic tradition it is said that whatever you do in the beginning of any new venture will set the tone for that whole event. I have to say that I totally believe it and last year was proof because I started the year traveling and then traveled somewhere exotic every month for the entire year except the summer months when I love to be in Connecticut. So here we are starting not only a new year but also a new decade. Right now we have the opportunity to set a tone for years to come. It is our choice to make that future great so how do we do so?

I have been playing a lot of Scrabble lately, I love it. Interestingly yesterday Scrabble spawned contemplation for me while I was shoveling snow out of my driveway. I was thinking of connections, I often contemplate the idea of connections between us all as humans. The way we interact is the way we create sublime life or tortured life, so why do we choose either of these?  Back to Scrabble and what I think I learned from it. I marvel that you can have a good hand with good letters but might only find a 12 or so point word using most of your letters; however other times you can place 1 or 2 letters and get a stunning score by connecting words and increasing their value. The more each letter is used to connect or create other words the greater the potential for value with or without the double, triple letter and word bonuses. Think of this in relation to life and interactions. Unfortunately today pretty much all of our focus is on monetary value of everything; New York City even put a value on each tree planted within the city limits. Reducing the stuff of life and its multiple interactions to a monetary value seems to me to be a very linear and confining structure. Wouldn’t it be better to stretch our understanding of value in interactions? We can dimensionalize the richness of life if we cherish and celebrate our interactions, connections in many more ways.

In honor of this new beginning a year and a decade in which I dream to see a shift in consciousness toward mutual respect and celebration of each other and of our various contributions to the fabric of our shared lives I invite you to check out two websites working to make a difference. This morning on CBS Sunday morning I heard about Dafna Michaelson and her mission to interview people making a difference in their communities nationwide.  Bravo Dafna, her inspiring video blogs remind us of the pioneer spirit that made the USA. That pioneer spirit of connecting people and communities to accomplish the inspirational is needed again so that we can fabricate a magnificent new decade. Another website is Kiva lending provides people to people micro loans to alleviate poverty and yes, connects people across the globe. These are websites that exemplify that multi-stacked value connection like a single Scrabble s that triples words in two directions. The value is not counted in dollars but in hearts.

As my offering to this new decade I want to share with you a new peace sign created because of the inspiration of my dear friend Robyn. It means I (the straight line) enter wOrld (the circle) and greet You (the y) with loVe ( the V or a tilted L) whichever you prefer. I prefer to think of it as a v because v is close to the heart of the word love.

This sign is rich with meaning: first it is upright reaching toward the sky and welcoming active peace. This makes it a contract or a commitment to live by peace.  This symbol represents not just a passive alignment with the idea of peace. It appears like the tree of life affirming life and celebration. The I which is you or me is partly out of the world acknowledging that we are of a greater reality and merely playing in this world. I is enveloped by you before world showing that all of our interactions are with conscious presence in other forms whether it is people, animals, trees or even Mother Earth herself; we cannot be separated.  And love represented by the V is the connecting force between You and I. Currently I have not settled on a name for the symbol though I have a couple of ideas. Any suggestions?

Happy New Year all.

3 thoughts on “It’s All New.”

  1. I love your image of Scrabble and connections and interacting and beginnings.

    We can never know what connection will lead to what other connections, but the quality of awareness and care we bring to each connection is not only a graceful, delightful beginning to whatever happens from there, but also it is simply ours to enjoy.

    Welcome to the blogosphere and many blessings!

  2. Hi Muriel – many thanks for your continually inspiring artworks and thoughts. I totally agree about the miracle of existence.

    How about “In Love With Peace” as the title for your sign?

    Hope 2010 is transformational for you.

    Much love


  3. Love being inspired…you are the first to inspire me into the new year. Thank you.

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