Sacred Mundane

Imagine my delight to know that several people read my first blog yesterday. Thank you.

So on with the mission to tease out the Heaven in this life, not the afterlife or someone else’s life, the Heaven in my life and in your life. One day a spiritual teacher reminded me that I was living in God’s back yard. What a beautiful thought, it struck me and I agreed. Of course, where else would we be living? Let me clarify what I mean by God, I mean you, your highest most sacred, holy self, that part of you that is also me, that conscious being that created us both in bliss. This is our birthright.  Everyday in this shift of ages more and more people are becoming aware of this inner connection. It is an awakening to the true nature of self and Self and inspires a different relationship with the world. But the awakening needs nurturing and cultivating.

A superb sign that Heaven is Here now is the explosion of spiritual teachers and magnificent tools. I think my favorite book in recent years is Eckhart Tolle’s, THE POWER OF NOW.  It is perhaps one of the cleanest most direct and inspiring of texts to lead you to your Self. His next book, A NEW EARTH is equally compelling and speaks profoundly on the shifts we are going through now. Don’t wait any longer to read these books if you haven’t read them yet.

Heaven is not cheap; the cost is more than a pound of flesh. We must discard stuff that is very dear to us; old attitudes, attachments, rigid concepts of self and others, judgments, expectations and fanciful dreams all crumble in the face of the brilliance of Heaven. So another sign that Heaven is Here is the unrelenting collapse of so much that we thought was absolute; our financial system, job security, health care systems, government protection and more. What is all this anyway? Another great spiritual teacher once said in response to my whining about a dispute with a former landlord that we were trying to, “define territory in the divine”. Think about it just because it always was this way, it always worked that way, doesn’t mean that it always will work that way or stay as it was. Change is going to happen no matter what and this is a time for mega-change. The facade of authority is crumbling, the curtain hiding the wizard is blowing open, rug is getting pulled away. That can be a terrifying thing if you think that rug is your everything, but we are not our rugs, we are the divine and we cannot be defined.

Watch for the new systems that are sprouting in hidden places right now. Look for vibrant, useful systems like micro financing lending systems that connect people to people. Two years ago I joined a local Community Share Farm Association and I love it. The vegetables are so delicious, I pick some myself. I know that they are fresh and not shipped for days across the world. It brings me back to my youth in England where farms were always nearby, all food was grown locally and there was a real connection to the Earth. There is something comforting to me about this change in my lifestyle. I plan to revel in the changes, I am excited about the future, the potential in Heaven is unimaginable and we are in for the ride of our lives.