You can get there from here

The point of this blog is to explore the consciousness that heaven is Here but I do understand that that is a very strange concept. What we need to know is that getting to heaven in some future is not about accumulation of good deeds but is about being in a good state. Which means that the instant the state is in alignment with heaven, heaven is here, in this moment. We must vibrate with the frequency of heaven in order to be in Heaven and that takes commitment. There are some things we can do that will help us to create that state of heaven.

All esoteric teachings recommend practices that align us with heaven. Let’s have a look at some of the specific ways we can manifest heaven. There are simple and direct paths to heaven including chanting, meditating, service, devotion, yogic breath and slightly less direct is knowledge. Knowledge is only slightly less direct because it involves the mind and the mind can very quickly complicate any project. So we will look at the mind another time. The activities, with focus, that quickly shift our state function by circumventing the mind and by engaging the heart  and the Supermind, the gateway to which is the Sahasrar in the top of the head. The personal mind becomes surrounded and drowned in the joy of connection, or union. But any way, here I am talking about the deliciousness of an apple, it’s juicy tang, crisp bite, satisfying flavor and written that is meaningless. I recommend that you bite the apple. Find a way to do it.

What are the ways we are prevented from immersion in the heavenly states? These are frighteningly simple; fear, ego or karma. Instead of our natural state of Sat, Chit, Ananda – Being, Consciousness and Bliss we willingly even eagerly immerse ourselves in the ongoing dramas of duality. We see black and white, good and bad, I want this, I hate that, my friend, my enemy. We bite the drama of life and gnaw away without fulfillment. This is not ours to digest. Many great sages have said what goes on in the world is none of our business. Our business is how we respond to what is going on. This is where the mind gets involved, so again I defer that discussion to another time. Right now I want to focus on a delicious opportunity to bite the apple through chanting.

Many years ago I had a magical experience. I was chanting with a few thousand people in a huge and gorgeous outdoor temple. With my eyes closed I became acutely aware that I was in a certain different place. It was even more gorgeous than the physical site of the temple I was in. It was white marble, with a spectacular sky view from a very high place, whereas the physical place I was in was tucked near a stream amid trees. The inner place had a distinct feeling of being more real than real so much so that I was a bit confused when I opened my eyes. This inner place was intimately familiar. As we all chanted together I felt as though the sound was liquid gold, it welled up inside me and in everyone else. It spilled out over the marble floor pooled and poured over the sides of the temple to form a Niagara Falls of liquid gold blessings pouring from an impossible height onto the world. We were seated in a ball of compassionate light. This was  a vivid experience that stays with me and confirms the reality of heaven.

This weekend on February 14th, Valentine’s Day we all have a beautiful opportunity to experience the mystery of chanting by participating in World Sound Healing Day.  At noon EST take as much time as you want to sound “AHHHH” whereever you are. Do it by yourself or do it with friends and family but know that you are among thousands if not hundreds of thousands of others sounding with you. Set your mind on the image of peace and harmony, see a world healed of conflict and strife. We are in critical between times right now where we choose the world we will create. I choose heaven – will you choose with me?

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