Activating the Dream

For most of my life it has seemed as if we come into a society where we as individuals live our separate lives and try to get the most of it in a Darwinian, “survival of the fittest” kind of a reality however, praise the universe, now it seems that mode of operation is finally changing. No I am not going to talk about the financial crash and the burgeoning of socially conscious entrepreneurship, I have done that already and will do it again. Today I want to explore a fascinating trend shift in entertainment that speaks eloquently about the collective shift in consciousness that we are all participating in.

We have all noticed the overwhelming popularity of ‘reality programming’ but we have spent little time examining why it is so popular. I think there are two kinds of this ‘reality programming’; first is the winner take all competition, the dog eat dog fight for territory game show and second is the talent competition. To me the first kind of show sticks with the old paradigm. Contestants play to win a cash prize and will do almost anything toward that end – eat bugs, get slammed by a wrecking ball, vote each other off the island, put their kids on display and who knows what else they may come up with. This is a kind of desperate grasping for the brass ring without any sense of morals or consciousness. The second kind of game show is of a far higher spiritual value  and as far as I am concerned is far more entertaining. To me this is spiritual entertainment. These are the shows that afford opportunities for people to reach out to grab their dream. They are shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, Dancing With the Stars and America’s Got Talent.

Actually America’s Got Talent is the show that made me see this trend with great clarity and inspired this blog. Let me try to explain my reasoning here. In these shows ordinary people are invited to express their deepest hearts dreams. The competitions are tough, the dreams are real. It’s not about becoming famous for famous sake or rich for rich sake; its about being a great singer or dancer, or chef or designer. It’s about testing oneself to the limit and coming out on top of oneself, not on top of the competition as much as on top of the best that we can be. I applaud all contestants that put themselves in these competitions it takes guts and commitment. And they take their chances in front of all of us, how incredibly brave they all are.

This is a path of no holds barred, no looking back, no excuses and no complaints. We see contestants dive in completely and as far as I have seen for the most part with much grace reach for the highest within themselves. Yes, we see squabbling and theatrical spats for entertainment’s sake but look at the big picture. Here is a phenomenon for our culture that steps beyond the ‘find myself’ consciousness of the 80’s, the ‘victim story’ of the 90’s, the ‘consumer voraciousness’ of the oughts and lands us squarely in the ‘stepping in to the void’ consciousness of the 2012 ascension process.

Where are we going? Wherever we go we are not going to get away from ourselves. Our relationship with ourself is the one thing that has to be dealt with in the here and now. The minute that we realize our magnificence is the minute that we want to express it. We are all magnificent and we all want to be seen. As Rumi says, ” A human being is a star attached to a body” or something like that. I think I’ve said this before in a blog but it bears repeating. As we ascend we recognize this more and more, but we don’t need to ascend to know it, we are what we are: radiant light, extraordinary talent, a new song, a new invention, a magnificent artwork, a complex new social organization. All these things and much more we are and can be.

Here is the path to the ascended future in blazing lights. Shows like America’s Got Talent are beautiful windows for us into the ascended future of our actualized dreams. This is why the world was so moved when Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent came on to the stage. She was a star from that first moment and our recognition of that lit the fire of our own stars and connected us to the dream of our hearts.

In Between

There is a very peculiar sacred space that we might call in between. It is the space between all things as manifest and it is the open door to that which manifests. It is always available.

In ancient days Celtics, Druids and all nature spiritualities honored the in between spaces evidenced in the seasons and the day; soltices and equinoxes were recognized as profound moments replete with potential for the new season and dawn, dusk, midnight and midday present moments of turning in which to reset the next flow of life. I learned in meditation that the turning of the breath from in to out and out to in offers an ever present window into that eternal space of becoming, of potential or rather potency.

Today we seem to enjoy a desperate need to fill all our spaces with something; shopping, games, TV and mind altering substances protect us from that in between space, that sudden and disturbing feeling of emptiness. It is a feeling that comes after a really intense job is done, after a child is born, a project finish, a vacation over or the holiday season done and everyone has gone home. There we are left alone, quiet, rudderless; what to do? Most of us cram our lives full of activities, duties, obligations in order to avoid that feeling. Yet there is where our power lies. It is in the potency of in between that all possibilities lie. Too many people around the world today are coming face to face with that in between; loosing a job, a home or a life’s savings slams us right there in the emptiness and requires us to examine how it feels. Here is a moment to look to see and remember where did it all come from in the first place. How did we manifest this space, stuff, family, home, job to begin with? If we have forgotten our conscious universe welcomes us to look at it again and to remember this time where it all comes from.

There is a fabulous description of a new paradigm for physics by Nassim Haramein. Haramein has developed the formulas to reconcile the unified field theory and tells his path to discovery with great enthusiasm because it is a spiritual journey for him and all of us. His lecture is engaging, inspiring and mind-bending and well worth listening to you can find it at To summarize though, and I am not a physicist so forgive me if I’m not quite getting it right, Haramein establishes that the strong force which is a power that Einstein discovered and necessarily inserted into all of his theories in order to make them work is actually black holes. Now what is a black hole? I suspect it is that same in between that we are examining here, it is that in between opening great and microscopic fissures within our reality like holes in swiss cheese. But Haramein shows us this force holds our reality together and he suggests that force is found in the center of every atom. It is the potent power of emptiness, the unthinkable power of creation which holds every possibility inside that emptiness. Haramein concludes that the purpose of this relationship that we as form have with this other part of us which is void is to be the divine consciousness expressing itself and then looking back at itself. Wow, that’s exactly what the profound esoteric religions say too. But watch Haramein explain this yourself.

My purpose here is to inspire a profound respect for that emptiness which is always present and sometimes intrudes upon our lives wreaking havoc on our sense of self. We are greater than form and in the void is where we will find greater understanding of our greatness.

I offer this poem that I just found in my notebook, I don’t know when I wrote it or why but it speaks to this issue:

The Sacred space of In Between.

In between the white sky and the grey sound is a thin blue line. A blue line that denotes infinity – a blue line that circumnavigates the earth – a blue line that we right now travel within and that we breathe.

In between the fleshy colors and the grey, green, brown, wood, soil, asphalt surface of this gorgeous earth is a microcosm of vibrating space, a thrumming rythmn of caresses, a stroke of blessings attracting and repelling me from my one and primary field of support.

In between the wind and my breath is a pause, a consideration of life inside and outside; swelling my lungs, swelling the sky, tasting my lips, tasting the clouds, one continuous stream of life force in and out.

In between this thought and the next is a potent eternity containing this poem both ephemeral and manifest with all fruits; real and unreal, eaten or rotted, all there ready to be known.

In between the night and day is in or out both the way to the day and to the night a sacred doorway promising delicious black – the void, replete with potential and entrancing white; the manifest chaos that distracts us all.

Cultivate the in between – there lies the true rest within both the black and the white space.