Abundance is yours, mine and ours.

Crazy things are happening now. Are you watching the  Eurozone fiasco in Greece, or Corzine’s spectacular plummet or the protests in Oakland and everywhere else? Know that this it is great, the people are taking back their power, the corporate, banking and government structures are collapsing under their own phantasmagorical weight. It bears remembering that in the past and in other parts of the world, currency was created by the people.  Africans could make their own trade beads or Kuba cloths which then became currency to trade for goods they might need. Then there were the Rai stones, huge rocks that served for exchange of wealth in the Yapese of the Islands of Palau. The point is that currency’s sole purpose is for the exchange of our own energies it is an ephemeral idea that has been consolidated into an agreement that is now coming into question. It comes into question for several reasons.

Not only are we all becoming incensed with the inequality of wealth distribution, with the disenfranchisement of vast swaths of population from a decent living and with the callous and highly visible greed exposed in a certain percent of the population but we are feeling a deep and painful separation from control over our own lives. The making of our own daily necessities has been effectively stolen from us. We have been convinced it is better to buy all number of things made by very poorly paid labor in other parts of the world. This, I think, has led to the surge in interest of DIY and cooking shows. As humans we are healthiest and happiest when we are fully engaged in our own lives and making the stuff of life that makes it fun. This, I think, has also been a product of the entertainment industry which encourages us to sit in front of a screen for hours of the day instead of engaging in the stuff of our own life.

So, eschew worrying and get involved in life and make something you need instead of buying it. Now is the time to look inside ourselves and recognize our divine right to abundance and abundance means having what you need when you need it. Who needs $20 million dollars a year, especially for running a not-for-profit? If contentment and a sense of worth are not forthcoming and established within with a $20 million dollar salary then there is nothing in this world that will give that sense of stability, safety and security. Those states come from within and must be very diligently nurtured and grown within. One of the best ways to grow our inner contentment is to get involved in creating the life we love from our own resources. Who knows, that could lead to a new business.