Heaven is made within and the only way to get there is to wake up.  Here is a beautiful opportunity to examine this concept and perhaps even to crack the window and smell the fragrance of awakening or better yet to open the door and dive into the pool of heaven. What time could be more auspicious than now?  In an innovative new documentary film, AWAKEN, by filmmaker Danisa Perry we comprehend our special place in time and our unique role in humanity’s path to enlightenment. Through AWAKEN we recognize our own brilliance at choosing to be born now at the dawn of 2012.
The film AWAKEN is a gift of wisdom and inspiration fraught with love to counter the doomsayers of the end times prophesied to come very soon, in fact coming the year after next, in 2012. Renowned visionary and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard enthusiastically rallies us to see these times of strife and chaos as a destiny that is the most perfect opportunity. Mystic Master Shaman Bonnie Serratore welcomes us to slip into an open state of meditation where she introduces us to a place beyond fear. Toltec Master Rita Rivera Fox explains the true meaning of the Mayan end times and shares the answer to all of humanity’s ills. Tibetan Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche invites us to commit to the only change that is meaningful – enlightenment. Finally, William Linville propels us beyond the limitations of the mind where he reminds us of what is most important, to let go and be love.  The masterful wisdom of these teachers comes with a directness that welcomes us to wake up and relish this moment. The twinkling in their eyes hints at a magnificent mystery that is awaiting us to be welcomed and fully realized.
Danisa’s clean, compelling interview style affords an intense, intimate interaction with the master that allows us to connect in the deepest way possible. The rich, raw and real teaching is ours to digest while we view awesome flights through exquisite natural settings set to compelling world music. All in all the experience of this film is a delicious feast for the mind, heart and spirit likely to be repeated many times once viewed for the first time.
Come experience an intense mystical journey of awakening on the verge of 2012 at the world Premiere of AWAKEN the film, with a exclusive week-end workshop on awakening led by the film’s teachers to follow.
This groundbreaking and transformational film entitled AWAKEN documents the presence and wisdom of an array of teachers from diverse spiritual backgrounds on the significance of this crucial time of planetary shift and shares with us how the current global crisis is an impetus to awaken to oneness, as such revealing the true esoteric meaning of 2012.
             Awaken is a gift to the spiritual awakening through direct and immediate
             contact with awakeners.  A very special contribution to our conscious evolution.
                                     – Barbara Marx Hubbard
                      A documentary by Danisa Perry
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 Location: The META Center New York
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             Awaken is a spiritual experience that ignites that place deep
             within that has been yearning to be touched.                          – Patricia
You will discover:
•What the Toltec teachings are saying about 2012
•Techniques to advance your conscious awakening
•How to break free from fear and limitation
•An awakening to love and oneness…
Premiere Ticket $15
Premiere and Workshops $135
(special pricing available for individual workshops)
Premiere January 29th, 2010 (7pm-10pm)
Week-end workshop January 30th- 31st 2010 (10am-4pm)