11.1.11 Stepping into the Light

Today is another benchmark day, a line drawn in the sand between our last state of being and our next state of being. What do you want your future to be like? If you know then live it today. Happiness, abundance, love all those states of being that you postpone until this or that is acquired or accomplished are available right now so just step into that space. Now is the only time that we have so let’s be in it with gratitude and joy together.

This past weekend was my birthday, we were hit with a huge and gorgeous white birthday snowstorm, 18 inches of snow and power out could easily have ruined my day. But instead we had an adventure, sleeping by the fire snuggled with the cats. Sunday, my birthday, we grilled at my neighbors house¬†all the food we bought for the party and invited all our near neighbors for a hot meal on a cold day. Anything can happen in these chaotic times but our attitude about it determines whether it is a blessing or a curse. I’m counting on blessings in my future, many more of them.