Causal Realm

After an astonishing meditation session in which I saw something I knew as the Causal Realm I spent several weeks doodling and trying to reproduce the feeling of the intense and roiling creative space that I experienced within. What is particularly interesting to me about this is that at age 10 I launched my own comparative study of the descriptions of chaos found in the world’s different fairy tales or scriptures. Remembering these descriptions which were similar throughout the world I concluded that this creative space must be chaos within which all┬ápossibilities exist in noumenon, less than a hair’s breadth and a wink away from becoming phenomenon.

Causal Realm Blue Eye – The first show here is paint and pencil on board about 15″ x 10″.

All others are pen, marker or colored pencil on paper and are 8″ x 10″.

If you would like one please contact me.

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Causal Realm