Redesigning PEACE

I just heard that Brian Lehrer on WNYC has invited Milton Glazer to his show to look at redesigning peace. Well I did that a couple of years ago and here is the result. What to do with the symbol is the question though. Below is an excerpt from my blog in January of 2010 where I first posted the symbol. It is time to make the commitment to peace and a new symbol that is not based on “ban the bomb”. No positive activity will come from any symbol, or title of a program or initiative that is blossomed from it’s opposite. Only the opposite will prevail.

“As my offering to this new decade I want to share with you a new peace sign created because of the inspiration of my dear friend Robyn. It means I (the straight line) enter wOrld (the circle) and greet You (the y) with loVe ( the V or a tilted L) whichever you prefer. I prefer to think of it as a v because v is close to the heart of the word love.

This sign is rich with meaning: first it is upright reaching toward the sky and welcoming active peace. This makes it a contract or a commitment to live by peace. This symbol represents not just a passive alignment with the idea of peace. It appears like the tree of life affirming life and celebration. The I which is you or me is partly out of the world acknowledging that we are of a greater reality and merely playing in this world. I is enveloped by you before world showing that all of our interactions are with conscious presence in other forms whether it is people, animals, trees or even Mother Earth herself; we cannot be separated.  And love represented by the V is the connecting force between You and I.”

2 thoughts on “Redesigning PEACE”

  1. I love the symbol Muriel, and your beautiful thoughts that accompany it!

    Many thanks for your always Heart-Felt / Heart-Filled – and inspiring work!


  2. beautiful Muriel i remember when you were sharing with me your vision at Wholefoods… holding the vision with you and sending lots of L0VE ~

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