Magical Magenta

I don’t know how but since I was a teenager I have known that we were heading into magical times. I am just thrilled to know that we are in them right now. I have been writing these posts in order to remind myself and whoever else is interested that we actually do live in Heaven, this is it. The only way it isn’t it is if we refuse to notice, acknowledge and practice the consciousness of Heaven. So when that happens and consciousness slips into the nihilism of Heaven we need reminders. This is where I come in with this blog.

A very interesting thing has been happening this year of the shift of the ages, if you haven’t noticed the bizarre weather effects or earthquakes and tsunamis I doubt that you have seen the magenta light of the heart entering the earth and making it’s love visible. For some strange reason this year I have been aware of this magenta light. At first I didn’t see it I just kind of knew it, I felt it’s presence. So I began looking for it and found it was very illusive, but somehow I knew it was here and it’s appearance only a matter of time. This weekend I was working in my driveway splitting and stacking wood and guess what – there it was, brilliant, shimmering, incredibly strong and vibrant.

Magical MagentaNow, here’s the image but it’s not nearly as bright and sparkling as the colors actually were. You may say, well it’s the sun reflected off the window and maybe it was but, in over 10 years of sun reflecting off that window this has never happened before. Also we live in form and form informs us of our spiritual frequencies.

To ramble on a bit further in this reminder of our true state if we should choose it. In light of that idea that form informs us of our spirit we are so blessed with devices, technologies and comforts of the time that imply our transcendent abilities: the connectivity of the phone and internet reflect that natural clairvoyant connection we all share as ONE MIND. The comforts and abundance of our world are evidence of Heavenly riches we are all entitled to. There is enough and we will see this very clearly once we have fully integrated and welcomed the magical magenta light of the heart into ourselves.



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  1. g(oo)d stuff here.
    equating heaven on earth to reconciling mans separation from nature (ego vs eco) , is THE key , this is unfolding in the area of poetry and myth , heaven on earth speaks of our return to eden
    paradise lost and founding the space of the eternal now, commonly known as being present in the moment, or in the zone. That what comes to us when we are present,is the very light that makes your heaven on earth comprehendible. When we are present we serve as receivers to this light from the angelic realm transitioning from being potential to being actualized through OUR actions, we hold this space in the moment, as angels to each other. Yes heaven on earth is where we are now, i get it. The trick is to establish and maintain a shared space that allows our better angels to perform fearlessly,a space where strangers can pitch in to serve the greater g(oo)d, identifying as ONE family of man,waking up in time to realize this dream of a common language, which is what heaven on earth is all about right?

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