GillianThis is it, all of us standing side by side – tall, free, in love and ready to create the harmonious heaven that is our birthright. Here is the hope for the future from my niece, Gillian, in Manchester, England. She emailed this just this morning.

“It was amazing.  I thought about the responsibility we have of peace, that we have a responsibility to those who have died because of ignorance, who have lost their loved ones lost in war, to heal ourselves.  This better world won’t happen until we accept the mantle of responsibility to be better people to each other and ourselves, to share what we know and show others how to heal – not in hidden yoga studios, congratulating ourselves on our secret achievements out of secret fear that nobody will accept us or an egotistical need to be ‘special’ – but in public; in front of the bums and working people who don’t know anything about this, who need it most.  It’s time to share and show how this stuff works.”

So she stood in the square and chanted 108 Gayatri mantras, attempting to be heard over the construction sounds behind her.

Here is one interpretation from the mantras:

“O Effulgent Light of creation! Let the Sun of Truth illuminate my divinity. And meditation allow my thoughts to be inspired by Thee.”

I have had the experience of the power of mantra and hope that one day all may feel that power, sound is the foundation of the universe, it forms our reality as we know it and mantra is our opportunity to be in co-creation with that power of creation and sustenance. Mantra is the vehicle of miracles and with focused dedication to that we will all experience heaven here.

Bravo, thank you, and bless you Gillian.

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