10.28.11 The Mayan Calendar has concluded it’s cycle today.

According to Carl Johan Calleman foremost authority on the Mayan calendar today is the day it all ends. No worries though because this is really the beginning of a brand new age, an age of uplifted consciousness that will come with a strong sense of oneness and harmony. But, and this is a most important but, this new age also brings an accelerated connection with the creative force so be vigilant with your thoughts desires and wishes. Be vigilant with your interactions with others. As with the Vedic concept that whatever you do on the first day of the new year will set the patterns for the whole year; whatever you do with these first days of the new age will set your patterns for this entire new age. So from now until at least 11.11.11 if not 12.12.12 we must hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and be sweet, meditate, see every other that we meet as ourselves and as a perfect representative of our God. Listen carefully for messages of love and hope and seize those messages as our new reality. Hold a consciousness of being the witness behind the eyes and watch the noise outside, it could get a lot noisier but know that you are not that noise. This is the Golden Age that we move into now and if you choose it you will be it. Remember to LOVE.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Muriel!
    Thank you for these thoughts and encouragement.
    I especially loved how you reminded us to be ‘sweet.’ Yes!
    Namaste ~~

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