It’s funny because last night I remembered a very sweet encounter I had a week ago on the Bridgeport/ Port Jefferson Ferry. There was a woman sitting next to me studying a text book, her family was with her but giving her space to work even though it was a holiday. Her son who must have been about 12 came over many times during the hour plus trip to just hug her or stroke her hair and kiss her on the forehead. She barely acknowledged these tender moments. As I watched I thought how sweet and respectful he was, careful not to disturb her but needing to express his love. Witnessing this affirmed for me the purpose of this blog, I state with confidence heaven IS here.

When we take any opportunity to connect to our love we know this truth, we live it. Love is the easiest path to stable higher consciousness. Love of family, pets, the natural world, our work, our culture, our life,  our self, the world, anything is a path to unconditional love which is the engine of our creation.

Love is the power of the heart, which is the next and the most important chakra in our discussion of how the chakras are represented and celebrated in clothing. So is it a wonder that throughout the world people wear symbols close to their heart – a cross, an amulet, a star of David, a hand of Fatima, a peace symbol, whatever moves our heart.

Open heart
Heart Chakra flower
The heart chakra is associated with the color green or pink, to me that says growth and love. It is associated with emotional empowerment, trust, forgiveness, compassion and letting go; concepts that our sacred symbols most often remind us of. So while we wear these symbols near our heart it is important to allow them to remind us to stay within the fullness of our truth, to allow the heart to speak to us about issues from its wide perspective of love, allowing, respect and comfort.

I copied this flower from a lovely blogpost – check it out: