Full Disclosure

You may be noticing a very odd manifestation evidencing that Heaven is Here and that is the amazing amount of unsavory secrets coming out. Why now? And why with such venom? How is it that venomous behaviour could resonate with Heaven?

It’s very simple, the light is turning on. We are in the in between space of dawn and we all know it somewhere within our being. None of us is immune to the powerful light of consciousness beaming our way and about to rise in full clarity and so we prepare in the ways that we know. The deceptive games of Captains and Kings of industry, banking, politics, military, or public institutions flourished in the dark where secret deals and alliances could create a powerful stranglehold on wealth and energy. I am talking not about energy like gas, oil or nuclear here but about that sacred sovereign energy of a human life; the right to good work, abundant nourishment, joy in community, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. This is the most painful theft and it has happened throughout our known history in blatant forms and in not so obvious ways. I am not here to ponder the misery many have been subjected to in countless centuries and cultures. So know the point is made and let’s move on to see how Heaven manifests in the dark.

The light comes on and there is a mad flurry to save the old power structure; to maintain controls as they were but it’s too late. We are watching it all in action. It seems everyday a politician is outed for graft or personal indiscretions, another government policy hotly debated for its worthiness. The divisions of points of view radically shifted to opposite sides and opinions locked in step within one dimensional talking points. This is all part of disclosure. It is time to see very clearly where we have been, what sort of reality we have built for ourselves. The light is on and that light is the internet, the media, twitter and cell phones, you-tube and the blogosphere. This is where secrets slide into view and where the real incentives for behaviors begin to show. The transparent media is a manifest form of the light of consciousness that we are being gifted with right now.

I am not here to hash out conspiracy theories or report new stories but simply to point out this growing phenomenon of uncertainty and collapse within the structures we thought we knew. Perhaps the clearest and most apparent so far was the global banking failure. Here is a construct developed over centuries and fully dependent on trust, without trust the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. The banking system is probably still not done with its reorganization. We have seen how radically out of balance with sustainable business practice modern banking became, and though we’ve been through a collapse the practices that caused that are not checked yet. The good news is that more Light is coming and with that comes growth and flourishing. New systems of sharing energy will appear, they are probably already set up and ready to fall into service the minute the behemoths that suck our attention get out of the way.

Full disclosure means not only do we see what is ugly and not wanted; that which we need to clear out and throw out but it means we find deep in our closets that which is treasured and refound. The most important things that we can find are our own balance and equanimity. It is time to see that our relationships with our community are rich and fulfilling in ways that a price cannot be estimated. The monetizing of everything from our moments to our handiwork to our piece of land even the parts of our body and our health will loosen its stranglehold and we can find ourselves breathing free air again. Keep your eyes open for those new systems of support that will come forth. Do what ever you can to support them.

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