Walking the Earth

Walking the Earth is a light weaving practice for Peace and Harmony. There are two parts to the exercise one is awareness of your transcendent self, and that through the other which is awareness of the physical self. It is a practice and a prayer for peace and harmony, an invocation that invites the awareness and embodiment of peace to be here with us right now.

First while walking as you normally do visualize a bright flame of white light and send it down from the center of your heart and through your feet into the center of the earth. See this light connect your heart to the heart of Gaia, think of her as live, conscious, vibrant and feel her welcome.

Then shoot that flame up from your heart and out through the top of your head beyond the stratosphere of the earth and on up into the center of the universe and the heart of God; feel his welcome. Remember always to ground first, especially if you are walking the city streets.

Now you are walking a column of light and consciousness, walk with this awareness as long as you wish and wherever you wish. You are weaving light as you do; bringing consciousness and love wherever you go. I find this to be a sweet and calming practice that brings me into the moment of the walk and creates space to enjoy each step with focus and purpose.

The second part of the practice is to be very aware of your body. This I learned from my cat, Takata, who at one time extricated himself from a tight corner at the food bowl by very carefully backing out so as not to disturb his brother, Hawayo, who was still eating at the same bowl. When I saw this I thought about the times I have bumped people on the street and also those times that I have been bumped, sometimes quite hard.
Remember that walking with awareness creates a respect for yourself, your body, your space, and therefore also the space of others who may be not quite as aware as you are. With this awareness and grace we can move through our world and our lives in this garden of grace without even the slightest disturbance of the body and mind and thereby practice harmony.

If bumped do not consider it an affront or disrespect, I know this is hard, I have a hard time with it; but instead think of it as a blessing. Imagine a piece of your sacred light bouncing from you through the bump to the other and lighting them up with the gift of the light that you have cultivated. Like a match lighting another match. After all it takes two to bump and somewhere an unconscious agreement for this magical encounter and exchange arose between you.
Think of a school of fish or a flock of birds moving together in perfect synchrony. Remember that we are that harmony too – always.